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Motion Cam – White

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MotionCam Wireless Motion Detector with a photo camera to verify alarms – White

Product:- 22935.23.WH1

  • Up to 12 Meters Detection Zone
  • IR Backlight for the photos in the dark
  • Pet Immunity up to 20kg / up to 50cm
  • Hub Communication range up to 1,700 meters


Photo verification in 9 seconds


Photo verification in 9 seconds

without privacy concerns

IR backlight


IR Backlight

for the photos in the dark


Software Filter

for false alarms


Intellect against false alarms

We have combined special optics with a software filter for false alarms in motion detectors. Along with a professional installation, it gives high detection accuracy.




SmartDetect software algorithm filters out false alarms 

The Detector instantly captures human motion in the protected area.

The specially designed Fresnel lens provides the most informative thermal diagram



Filter for Thermal Interferences

The detector instantly analyzes the thermal diagram from the sensor: the infrared radiation intensity, the heat spot size, the motion speed, the time spent in the detection zone, and other parameters.

Ajax engineers have analyzed thousands of IR sensor triggering’s caused by humans, animals, and thermal interference and developed SmartDetect.

The software algorithm finds false alarm markers instantly and with high accuracy. As a result, the detector accurately responds to a human and does not bother the user with false alarms.

Temperature Compensation

Temperature compensation is a software mechanism keeping the thermal diagram contrast even if the ambient temperature is close to the temperature of the human body.

With each ambient temperature measurement, the detector corrects the PIR sensor data according to the coefficient table stored in its memory.

The detector is effective over the entire operating temperature range.

More Than a Photo. Faster Than a Video

MotionCam Jeweller will show the actual situation from the scene even before the burglars understand that they’re busted.
An animated series of photos follows the instant alarm for an accurate situation appraisal.
MotionCam Jeweller can only take photos in case of an alarm. The detector software architecture does not support taking a photo on demand.



User Manual





Technical Data Sheet